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Welcome to Hydro Supplies Canada. We’re dedicated to empowering every gardening enthusiast to create their lush, green paradise.

Whether you’re a hydroponic hobbyist just starting your journey, or an experienced cultivator looking to upgrade, Hydro Supplies Canada has everything you need to bring your hydroponic dreams to life!

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NFT Channels

 Our Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) channels are designed for maximum efficiency and productivity. Bring on the future of farming with our superior-grade channels that ensure your plants get just the right amount of nutrients they need!

Rockwool Cubes

Made from natural basalt rock and chalk, our rockwool cubes provide the perfect growing medium for your plants. Whether you’re starting seeds or propagating cuttings, our rockwool cubes ensure optimal water retention and oxygenation.

PE Tubing

Durable and flexible, our PE tubing will keep your hydroponic garden watered and thriving. Trust us; you won’t have to worry about your garden’s lifelines when you choose our robust tubing.

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